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Church Street Residence

The design of 130 Church Street takes its lead from a more traditional look of Hawthorn’s freestanding 2 storey buildings. The dominant visual elements of this style being an asymmetrically placed tower contrasting with the vertical lines of large verandas decorated with fine iron work detail. Our reinterp-retation was not intended as being reproductive, but more to emulate the scale, the balance of lines, and thereby integrate the house into the area.

The impact of the (almost 5 meter high) living and dining space is dramatic . In the traditional of a grand Victorian ballroom, the main entertainment space with its scale and use of large glass panels makes it and the garden courtyard a standout series of spaces.

This family home answers the brief of accommodating a growing family with a modern structure to take advantage of the amazing skyline, while being sympathetic to the heritage

The upstairs living room with the extraordinary view from its large balcony is equipped with a plumbed bbq to make evening dining a delight. Eased with the addition of a second dishwasher, fridge and large storage drawers.


The mid level is the intimate family zone – the bedrooms (master with ensuite), 2 bedrooms, kids study area, family bathroom, linen press with shute to the basement, and the casual living room with the magnificent view to the city. The main bedroom contains a reinterpretation of a bay window. The grey wall expresses itself on the south elevation and the interior acts both as a bed head and enables views from the bed back at the city and over as balloons fly by. A kids study area was a must to ensure that computer access/study is done in public.

The main staircase is open to enable it to be a flue for the house. By opening the windows in tower, the venturi effect draws the air through all levels. The return air grills, positioned in the tower enables draws either fresh air through the house when the AC is used only as a fan or superheated air in winter and redistributed to the levels below. The screens on the upper level are automated to enable visitors to maximise the sensational views from the Dandenong’s to city.

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